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I’m horny

It starts with her beauty in my eyes, it moves to her scent in my nose, then how her soft skin feels against my fingers and lips. Very intoxicating. Do you admit to being horny?  You know those times of the day where your mind begins to think, “right now I’d like to…”.  Why is …

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Fun and Games

How often do you sit down with your partner and play a game? I’m referring to old fashioned board or card games.  The things we used to play before technology took over! I love playing games.  I don’t believe age should be a barrier. I’d rather die laughing than bored. My favourite games are those …

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Is One Ever Enough?

I thought I was quite enlightened about sexual relationships until a friend of mine informed me he and his partner practice Polyamory. Polyamory is the practice of having more than one intimate partner at a time with the knowledge and consent of everyone involved.  it is different from swinging which is sex with others for …

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What is Love ?

How is it possible that “What is Love” was the most searched phrase on Google in 2012 ? I really thought the most popular search would have been something more profound such as, “Why am I here” or “Who am I”. Or if we are specifically referring to “What is” questions then how about “What …

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Attracted to Married Men

I wrote last week about the advertising of an internet site specifically for people in committed relationships looking for affairs (see my post, “Isn’t it time you had an affair”). I was chatting to a guy today who told me of his experiences on this particular site.  Of the women he’s met from this site, …

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The Four Seasons of Sex Addiction

After speaking to many sex addicts and cheaters, I’ve noticed a link between their acting out and the weather.  My theory is that summer increases acting out. Of course there’s a bit of a contradiction in this as the definition of addiction indicates a lack of control over the behaviour.  I’m not inferring the addiction …

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Isn’t it time you had an affair ?

Last night I changed TV channels waiting for the World Movie to start. Just before it began an advert appeared  with the line, “Isn’t it time you had an affair?” Yes you read correctly, an advert promoting cheating!  It was quite a long advert filled with lots of good looking men and women in various …

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Shame …. the Movie

Last week I went to see the movie Shame. Shame is a movie about a sex addict and the impact his addiction has on his life and relationships.  It starts as a story primarily about the addict but has a secondary story about the relationship between brother and sister. I was looking forward to the …

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It’s not cheating if you don’t have sex

On Wednesday a friend of mine discovered that her boyfriend had contacted another woman online. She was devastated. Many times during the ten months of their relationship she’d told me that he was “different” to other men. That he’d never cheat. She told me how he’d been faithful to all his past partners and she felt …

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Sex Addiction in Australia

Although I feel like I’m still in my 20s the truth is I’ve been a psychologist for 17 years and by default that puts me heading towards middle age (or maybe I’m already in it) ? I never feel as old as when I look in the mirror or after a gym session.  But this isn’t a …

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