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Attracted to Married Men

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I wrote last week about the advertising of an internet site specifically for people in committed relationships looking for affairs (see my post, “Isn’t it time you had an affair”).

I was chatting to a guy today who told me of his experiences on this particular site.  Of the women he’s met from this site, nearly all are single!

I asked him why there’s single women on a site designed for married cheaters.  He told me that these women target married men or those in long term relationships as they don’t want a relationship.  He told me women are looking for men to spoil them, take them out for dinner, possibly buy them gifts, in return for sex.

Seems to me like there’s some pretty messed up thinking out there!  Every woman I’ve met who has been cheated on describes it as the most devastating event in their life.  Yet women are part of the problem.  It’s not simply men.

Here’s an article on why one woman targets married men:

The woman actually claims to be doing men a favour!  She also believes her behaviour is harmless as she’s not forcing the men into cheating.

What this woman doesn’t realise is that she’s not respecting herself.  I wonder what her morals and values are and whether they are being compromised by her actions?

I think this woman and all the other single women cheating with married men are fooling themselves into believing they are in control and “happy”.  In reality their happiness is based on a superficial and meaningless relationship.  The costs are high for everyone.

What are your thoughts on why single women chase married men?


  1. Not sure why someone would intentionally cause themselves and others, including children, this suffering. Perhaps there’s an inner victim acting out. Somewhat curious if they were raised in a loving family with only one, or both parents. Wishing all happy & content hearts.

    • They do it because they don’t own or identify how their actions affect others. They are selfish and only focussing on their own needs. Thanks for your comment…. keep blogging 🙂

  2. I am afraid I don’t feel able to take a moral stance, although I hope I am 100% loyal. So my reaction is quite simple:
    “chacun à son goût”

  3. I believe that distorted views of reality are not unique to sex addicts, but to probably all of us to some degree or another. I don’t believe that those women that target married men realize the pain that they contribute to. True, they are not the cause of the problem, but they do feed the flames. It makes me wonder what insecurities and issues they have that resulted in their behavior.

  4. Fighting With Yaldy

    It goes both ways, married women cheating with single men. It is equally devastating.

  5. I think women who choose to have affairs with married men find validation in it. I know the young woman my husband had his affair with enjoyed the role of being his ‘mistress.’ She liked the idea that she could “take” something from someone else – especially a woman who was accomplished. This young woman in particular is very damaged. She grew up without a father and has apparently been badly treated by other relationships. Its too bad. I can honestly say she is quite pretty and could be intellectually gifted. Perhaps she’s just a psychopath. When my husband ended the affair she chose to expose him because she could not deal with the loss. It affected her self esteem. I wont lie I enjoyed seeing her hurt just as the affair had hurt me. In my case I am seeking to recover and heal my marriage. In her case I am afraid for the next wife of the married man she comes across.

  6. pervbox

    It’s a funny old world. Every niche has it’s markets and married dating sites are no different. Take it from someone who knows.

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